A lot of people don't laugh at my dead baby jokes.

And that's fine. I guess you had to be there.

What is the best part about dead baby jokes

They never get old

People say dead baby jokes are tasteless

but I know you just have to use the right seasonings.

QUESTION: Are we allowed to make dead baby jokes here?

if so, I gotta swing home and grab one out of my freezer

I put together a list of 288 dead baby jokes to post.

I decided not to post them because it would be two gross.

Why aren't there many dead baby jokes anymore?

They don't age well.

Anti vaxx jokes allow dead baby jokes to live on.

Unlike the non vaccinated kids.

dead baby jokes

Q. whats more fun than spinning a dead baby around at 50mph?
A. stopping it with a shovel.

Me and my Friend were reading dead baby jokes

Then he turns to me and says " man these are so dark they might get shot by a cop"

I like dead baby jokes as much as the next guy

But sometimes you have to abort

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Joke rules for my house:

First of all, most all jokes are acceptable in this house.. except abortion jokes. Because jokes are all about the delivery...
Absolutely no PMS jokes. Period. No sexual assault jokes.. thats a touchy subject. Dead baby jokes on the other hand.. never get old!

The most horrific joke I know. Let's hear yours...

What's 12 inches long, stiff, pink, and makes a woman scream like nothing else in this world?

...Cot death.

Okay, let's hear yours. Most atrocious, despicable gags you've got. I'm not talking about 'dead baby jokes' here, I mean the real grisly, nasty stuff.

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