Why are women so bad at parking?

Because they've been lied to about what 8 inches look like their whole lives.

Why are women so bad at backing up their vehicles?

Because we're constantly lied to about how long 6 inches is.

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Everyone in my family is bad at holding in their piss.

Sadly, it runs in our jeans.

I’m quite bad at archery

But I aim to improve

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I’ve gotten so bad at sex I don’t even masturbate anymore.

Its more like novicebating, on a good day its probation

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Why are quantum physicists bad at sex?

They either have the position or the momentum, but never both.

64% of the people are bad at math, according to a recent statistic

Lucky me, I belong to the other 46%

My friend said I was bad at directions.

So I got up and right.

If I had a nickel for every time someone said I was bad at math,

I'd have $264.13.

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Women must be really bad at sex

IDs usually give them an F for it.

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Why are golf players bad at sex?

Because they try to finish with as few strokes as possible.

Jesus was really bad at threatening people...

He was quoted for saying "Nobody double crosses me". And look where that got him.

Why are Dubstep musicians so bad at making pizza?

Because they always drop the base!

My girlfriend broke up with me, she said I was bad at communicating.

I didn't know how to respond.

Why are americans bad at geography?

Because the ones that skipped class survived

Why is jesus bad at basketball?

Because the romans crossed him up

Why are atheists bad at exponents?

Because they don’t believe in a higher power.

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Why are dogs bad at oral sex?

Because they chew on bones.

Why are women so bad at parking cars?

Because for the last 200 years they’ve been told that three inches are actually six.

Why is Oedipus bad at Latin?

He conjugated where he should have declined.

>!Latin verbs have conjugations and latin nouns have declinsions.!<

The New York Jets are really bad at football

No offense

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I’m bad at making dick jokes.

It’s just really hard.

Why are women so bad at parking?

Because they are constantly told nonsense about what 20 cm\* is like.

\* about 8 inch.

Why are ghosts bad at lying ?

Because you can see right through them.

Why are Democrat robots so bad at dancing?

They were built with bad Al-Gore-rhythms.

98% Of Americans Are Bad At Math

I'm just glad I'm in the 98%

Why was the cheetah so bad at hide and seek ?

No matter where she hid, she was always spotted.

Why was Cinderella bad at soccer?

She kept running away from the ball

What do you call a mother that's bad at driving?

One bad motha trucka

Do you know who's bad at coding?

Non-Binary people.

Why are skeletons bad at high-stress jobs?

Because they’re easily rattled!

Why are orphans so bad at poker?

they don’t know what a full house is

Justin Timberlake is bad at geography

He sings this song, "Crimea River", but I checked, and Crimea is a peninsula, not a river.

Why is the US bad at chess?

We have no kings, no queens, and we already lost 2 towers

Why are christians bad at math?

Because they can’t sin.

Why is Jesus so bad at hockey?

Why is Jesus so bad at hockey?

He always gets nailed to the boards!

He’s a good goalie though, because JESUS SAVES!

Why was Michael Jackson bad at chess?

He couldn't decide if he was black or white

What do you call someone bad at spelling?

A muggle.

Lumberjacks are bad at fixing computers

They only know how to log out.

Why was the gunman bad at arguing?

He only had hollow points.

What do you call a psychic who is bad at predicting the future?


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Im really bad at supporting my friends

My buddy came to me today and said "some guy said I stink today"

I said "Like shit you do!"

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My girlfriend just told me I'm bad at sex

I was glad. That means she's really smart. She can form an opinion in less than 30 seconds

Why are Karens bad at photoshop?

Because they don't know how to use a mask.

Why are Germans bad at Among Us?

Because they vent here and vent there.

Apparently origami enthusiasts are bad at poker...

they're always folding.

I'll see myself out. lol

(Original corny joke) Why are Israelis so bad at poker?

Because they have so many Tels!

Why is Chubby Checker so bad at telling jokes?

Because when there's a twist it doesn't surprise anybody.

Why are rich people bad at running a bakery?

Because they don’t knead the dough

I'm pretty bad at building fences

Oops, wrong place for this post.

I’m really bad at saying no to people, especially beautiful women.

Which is ironic because they’re really good at saying no to me.

Why are monks bad at trigonometry?

They dont sin

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I’m bad at pushups and sit-ups...

But it’s a completely different story with fuck ups

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How come the stripper was bad at her job?

She was never in the nude to do it.

Why is Chewbacca bad at shooting blasters?

He's a Wookie.

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I'm bad at two things: telling jokes, and not getting angry while waiting in queue at orgies...

But I keep punching up the fuck line.

My electrician was bad at his job but he loved me to death

Which is why I was in shock when he died.

On the one hand I'm not too bad at doing spreadsheets.

On the other hand I don't excel in it.

Just because something has 5 brain cells doesn’t mean it’s bad at everything.

Just look at goldfish, they’re natural swimmers!

3 reasons why my parents are bad at hide and seek.

1. They always hide in their bedroom.
2. They make too much noise.
3. my dad takes a pill that makes him think he is invisible and proceeds to take off his clothes

My favorite gambling event is horse racing, but I’m bad at it.

No matter how hard I try, the horses are just way faster.

Why are dogs so bad at dancing?

Because they have two left feet.

Why are coronavirus patients bad at basketball?

They always travel

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My girlfriend said I was bad at sex

I said back to her that you shouldn’t have an opinion on something that you only tried for one minute

Why are priests bad at marathons?

Because they always come in a little behind

Why are racists bad at making milkshakes and smoothies?

They don't blend.

Why are orphans so bad at baseball?

Cause they can never find home

I used to be a fortune teller but i was really bad at it as i could only predict really bad winter storms..

Turns out i was using a snow globe...

Why are Americans so bad at playing league of legends?

Because they can’t defend their towers.

What do you call an Egyptian god who's bad at videogames?


Why is Mexico so bad at the olympics

Because everybody who can run, jump and swim is in America

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Why is china so bad at cricket?

They eat all the fucking bats

Why are lobsters bad at relationships?

Too shellfish.

Asians are sooo bad at driving....

I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident.

What do you call a Marine that is bad at their job?

a sub Marine

I'm really bad at dating

I find it hard to keep my interest in a woman and in the trunk of my car for so long

Why is Cinderella so bad at basketball?

Her coach is a pumpkin.

I’m bad at four things...

Faces, names and numbers

They say 88 percent people are bad at maths

Luckily I am among the remaining 22 percent.

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I’m bad at Greek Mythology

It’s my Achilles Penis

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A survey was conducted for poor tennis players who were bad at sex

It was decided on a worst come worst serve basis

The nurse taking my blood got annoyed when I told them they were bad at their job,

I don’t understand why though, after all they did keep saying: ‘be negative’

A study done by me shows that 74% of people are bad at mathematics.

Fortunately, I'm in the remaining 34%.

I dont get why Christians are so bad at managing money. Aren't they supposed to model Him?

And He is known as the God who saves!

Im so sorry.

Why are snakes so bad at playing hide-and-seek?

Because of their inability to count.

9 out of 8 americans are bad at fractions

Seriously, it's true.

Why is Kevin Spacey bad at hide and seek?

He comes out at the wrong time.

Everyone likes to laugh at other people's inability with numbers. However, 45% of people consider themselves bad at math, every twentieth member of the population hates decimals, 1 out of 5 people can't do mental arithmetic and 3/10 can't do fractions without a calculator.

Yet only one in a hundred find this funny.

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Little Johnny is bad at math

Little Johnny has always been bad at math, never willing to study or apply himself. His parents never beat him, they did however move him from school to school hoping he would improve. Finally out of desperation, they took him to an all Catholic school. Within one week little Johnny improved. He wou...

Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing?

They keep dropping their needles!

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My wife is so bad at sex that she failed it

Her ID says Sex: F

My friend said I was bad at spelling. I disagreed, so he challenged me to a spelling bee.

I excepted.

Why are bacteria bad at math?

Because they multiply by dividing.

Imagine being a social creature that's bad at socializing.

Oh wait. I don't have to

Why are American policemen so bad at night raids?

They don't know where to shoot first when everything is black.

Not only bad at jokes, I’m also bad at titles

At the local butcher shop the was a challenge. The challenge was that if you could jump and touch on of the steaks on the ceiling, you would get twenty dollars. If you couldn’t, you would have to pay for one of the steaks. So a man named Jack came up to the challenge. As he was about to try he was s...

Why is Microsoft so bad at writing music?

Because they can only use OneNote!

I was so bad at math my bank refused to give me a loan

Thank god I had someone to cosine

There's a stereotype that Scottish men are bad at showing their emotions. This isn't true!

I once knew a Scot who loved his wife so much he almost told her!

I don't mean to be bad at origami.

That's just how things unfold.

I'm bad at navigation.

It takes me places, though.

Why is the south bad at calculus?

They don't know how to integrate.

I hit somebody driving my car, and I dont feel bad at all.

I mean, wouldn't you punch somebody trying to steal your car too?

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I saw a clip about how comedians are bad at sex..

.. and I've been looking for an excuse sooooo here I am

I just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome. It was pretty bad at first,

But by the end I kinda liked it.

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