A jewelry store owner and his two employees go on lunch break together

At the restaurant they find a lamp on the booth seat.

The owner rubs it and a genie appears; "Ye who have summoned me, I will grant three wishes. Since there's three of you here, you each get one wish."

The first employee says "I wish I was riding a jetski by a tropical beach crowded ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A wife asks her husband

Wife: If you had to, would you rather lose a leg or an arm?

Husband: A leg. Need both arms to ride a jetski.

Wife: I asked a coworker and he said he needs both arms to hug his wife, you asshole.

Husband: Sounds like he's never ridden a Jetski.

What's the Russian word for a fighter plane?


What do you call a little polish boat?

A Jetski.

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