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I visited Australia this summer, I saw a a guy fucking a kangaroo and a one legged man jacking off in a bar.....

I asked the bartender, what's wrong with this place?

He said, "What do you mean what's wrong with this place?"

I said, "On the way over here I saw a guy fucking a kangaroo, and that one legged man is jacking off over there!"

The bartender said, "That man in the corner, poor fell...

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I saw a one legged man with no arms at the ATM today...

He asked me to help him check his balance....

So I pushed the fucker over.

If big breasted women work at Hooters where do one legged women work?


What do you call a one legged dog?


Why did the junkie adopt a one legged crow?

So he could get crow cane from his vet

what’s a one legged persons favourite restaurant?


I once dated a one legged girl who worked at a local brewery.

She was in charge of the hops

What do one legged girls sing?

*All we need is somebody to lean on*

I invented a sandal for one legged people

It was a flop.

What was the one legged man doing at the ATM?

Checking his balance

I saw a one legged man standing on the corner holding a sign that read “will work for food” so I did him a solid

And told him IHOP was hiring.

Where do one legged pirates eat?

I Hop

My newest girlfriend broke up with me after we lost a one legged race fundraiser.

She says we got off on the wrong foot.

Why did the one legged man get a prosthetic leg for Christmas?

It was a stocking stuffer.

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What do you call a one legged woman?

Eileen! What do you call a one legged Japanese woman. Irene! What do you call the Samoan lady who fell off the cliff? Eileen Tufa'a!

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Where do you find a one legged dog? NSFW

Wherever you fucking left him

How do you kill a one legged fox?

You run it across Canada.

What does Paddy Irishman says when he meets a one legged jockey?

How're you gettin' on?

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