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Did you hear about the guy who swallowed a yo yo?

He did the same shit 6 times.

What's the difference between Yo Yo Ma and Yo Mama?

One is a famous cello player

The other is a heinous fellow layer

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Yo mama jokes

Yo mama so stupid that when saw a bus full of white kids she said "Stop that twinkie!!".

Yo mama so dumb that she went to the dentist to get a bluetooth.

Yo mama so stupid that when she heard that there was a serial killer on the loose, she hid all of her cherios.

Yo mama so fat...

What’s a rappers favourite toy?

A yo yo!

Three people get arrested and are taken into holding...

Three people get arrested and are taken into holding for questioning.

The officer talks to the first girl asking, "What's your name?" She says, "Yo." The officer asks, "What are you in for?" She responds, "Blowing bubbles." The officer takes her picture and lets her go.

The officer ask...

A man walks into John's stable

The man asks, "I'm looking for a fast horse." John, without missing a beat, walks over to one of the horses and says, "this here horse's name is ol' Betsy, she was trained by an interesting feller." The man asks to explain. "Well, to get her to stop, you need to say hey hey! To get her to go, you ne...

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A circus is looking for new acts so they place an advert in the local paper

A few days later the circus' agent gets a phone call. "Hi I'm Jeff!" says the caller "I saw your advert and it sounds like my dream! I think I'm definitely talented enough to be in the circus!"

"Well ok Jeff, tell me about yourself, what's your skill?" says the agent

"I can skateboard!...

Spanish speaking rappers are so vain.

They always talk about themselves: yo yo yo.

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