I used to find window shopping depressing.....

then I visited Amsterdam.

A penguin is driving to the mall...

All of a sudden his engine starts running really rough, and smoke is coming from under the hood. Luckily, there's an auto repair shop right next to the mall, so he pulls in there. The mechanic says he'll be glad to take a look, but he won't be able to get to it for a couple hours. The penguin says f...

While working in a glass manufacturer's showroom, I noticed a fella walking around aimlessly.

I approached him and asked, "Can I help you?"

He said, "Nah, I'm just window shopping."

I went to the glazier the other day

He asked how can I help you? Eh, I am just window shopping.

I was at my local home improvement store yesterday

And I was looking in the window section. An employee came over and asked if I needed any help, I responded "No thanks, I'm just window shopping."

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