If slow zombies like Walking Dead happened then I'm gonna need a lot of bullets. If 28 Days Later style Rage Virus zombies happen...

then I only need one bullet.

in the wake of the pandemic and failing ratings, AMC's The Walking Dead has changed it's format.

it will now be a reality show shot solely inside America's nursing homes.

What does The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Fast and Furious have in common?

All their Walkers are dead

On The Walking Dead, Glenn said "I will find you."

I guess he's gonna keep an eye out for her.

Walking Dead joke

If a man in a wheelchair gets bit by a zombie, would he still be called a walker?

What is Glenn's (The Walking Dead) favorite restaurant? ***SPOILERS***


whats the difference in fast n furious and walking dead?

there's no Walker in Fast and Furious

.......RIP Paul


Make your car look terrible

Why would Donald Trump make a great addition to The Walking Dead?

All he wants to do is build a wall.

The Walking Dead Season Finale

Check back in six months for the punchline.

Did you hear what they're planning for the next episode of 'Glee'?

It's a 'Walking Dead' crossover.

Whats an Anti-Vax's kid favorite tv show?

The walking dead

A family is found murdered

The police investigate 3 suspects, a neighbor, a relative, one of the father's coworkers. All of them deny it and have an alibi. The neighbor was grocery shopping, the relative was on vacation, and the coworker was home watching The Walking Dead. The police arrest the father's coworker. They found t...

What spoils quicker than unrefridgerated meat?

The Walking Dead's facebook page.

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