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One day a twelve year old walks into a house of ill-repute dragging a dead frog on a string behind him. He slaps a hundred dollar bill on the counter and says

"I want one of your women."
The madam looks at him and says "Don't you think
you're a bit young for that?" He slaps another
hundred on the counter and says "I want one of
your women."

The madam says "Okay, have a seat, she'll be down
in about thirty minutes." He slaps anoth...

A twelve year old came up to me and asked for a cigarette. I can't believe it!

So nice to see young people using manners

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A twelve year old boy asks his dad what a vagina is?

The father says "That's what a woman's private area is, and that is where babies come from"

The boy asks "What's a beaver?", the father replies "That's just another name for it".

The boy then asks "What's a pussy", the father replies "That is just another name for the vagina, it's wher...

What breaks when you give it to a twelve year old?

Her hips.

A twelve year old

This 12 year old boy was in his bead when he heard his mother moaning. He decided he'd go see what's wrong with her. When he looked in his mother's room he saw his mother laying stark naked on the bed, rubbing herself and saying , "I need a man. I need a man."
One night he heard his mother again...

A twelve year old is watching ghostbusters 2 for the first time with his father.

Kid : Dad what's that?

Dad : A walkman

Kid : and that?

Dad : A dark room for devoloping photos.

Kid : and those?

Dad : The twin towers.

I've decided to become a better father, so I'm down to five cigarettes a day now.

The rest of the pack I give to my twelve year old son.

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Three guys are working at a zoo's gorilla exhibit...

Three zookeepers are working at the gorilla exhibit and the zoo's twelve year old female gorilla, Chloe, is in heat. Chloe is behaving aggressive towards the other female gorillas and tearing her own enclosure apart. The three zookeepers know they must do something quick to calm her down. They MUST ...

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My girlfriend left me

I came home to find her packing her things. "I just found out you're a pedophile", she explained.

So I said, "That's a pretty big word for a twelve year old".

What do fortnite and your mom have in common?

Every twelve year old is into them.

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Heard this on the radio... told many times, but probably my favorite joke.

One morning before daybreak, Little Johnny scatters out onto the front porch with a handful of duck tape. He's stopped by his grandfather, who rests comfortably on an old rocking chair... his usual morning leisure. The grandfather notices the duck tape...


"Whatcha doin' wit...

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The Traveling Salesman

A traveling salesman is going from door to door in a town, and as he walks up to the door of the last house he hears what sounds like music playing inside the house.

He knocks on the door and is greeted by a twelve year old boy with a cigar in one hand, a scotch in the other, wearing his moth...

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A man orders an expensive, 12 year old whiskey.

A man orders an expensive 12 year old whiskey. The bartender has only one bottle left of the 12 year old whiskey, and doesn't want to open it. Instead, he pours the man a 4 year old whiskey, thinking that the man won't know the difference.

The drink is passed to the man and he takes a drink,...

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A New Kind of Speech Therapy

So there is a twelve year old boy who has never uttered a sound. He just DOESN'T speak. His mother has spent a fortune on various doctors, but no success.

One day she meets an old friend who's child had a similar problem. She suggested a certain specialist who might be able to help, but she ...

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A travelling salesman knocks on the front door of a house...

a twelve year old boy opens the door with a glass of scotch in one hand, a Hustler magazine in the other, and a big cigar in his mouth. Somewhat alarmed, the salesman says "hello young man, are your parents home? I'd love to speak with them." The boy looks down at his glass, then at his magazine, th...

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