Everyone knows eating a clock is very time consuming

But I hope you saved room for seconds

Yesterday, I ate a clock. It was very time consuming.

Especially when I came back for seconds.

Becoming pigeons can be extremely time consuming...

It took a pig eons to become one.

I just read that in an alternate ending to Beauty and the Beast the Beast turns ravenous and eats Cogsworth

He was delicious, but the whole process was time consuming.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Reddit is like anal sex

You dont know how it works for the first time,
It can be painful and time consuming,
But if done correctly you start enjoying it later.


I once was dared to eat a clock

I would not recommend doing it, as it was really time consuming.

Was not that bad though, i even had seconds...

A dinner.

Jack: Hey, Ryan. Do you want seconds?

Ryan: Yeah.

Jack: Then why don't you eat a clock you dumbass!

Ryan: I would but it would be very time consuming.

I was so hungry this morning I almost ate a clock....

I didn't because it's time consuming. Also, I'd have to go back for seconds.

I'm here all day..

So here I am eating a clock

It's very time consuming so I desided to spice it up abit and add some redbull to make time fly

Never thought eating a clock would take so long

it's time consuming.

Of all the Guinness world records my Dad held...

He told me the one where he ate a grandfather clock was the most time consuming.

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