What do you call it when a cardigan is thrown away

A discardigan

An employee’s only job was to throw away M&M’s that weren’t perfect. His boss came to check on him, and found he had thrown away almost half of the M&M’s. When asked why, the employee replied...

“A lot of them had W’s instead of M’s, so I threw them out.”

What did the old processor say when it was thrown away?

"that megahertz"

Over 600 thousand watches are thrown away each year

I guess you could call it a waste of time.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A beta lion is thrown away from the pack by the alpha male...

So the beta lion walks for days and all he can think of is sex, since, you know, the alpha kept all the females.

He runs into a bunny. Now, this bunny in particular was by himself because all of his pack had been devoured by hyenas and only he escaped. He had been also wandering around of day...

I like to think of myself as a bottle of fine wine

I’m saving myself for another 10-15 years, but in reality I’ll probably wait too long, become funky, and just be left untouched until I’m thrown away

Kids are like a box of chocolates

The ones no-one like are thrown away

A factory worker is leaving with his wheelbarrow after a long workday.

On his way out, the worker is stopped by a security guard.

"What's in the box?" asks the guard.

"A box." replies the worker.

Annoyed, the guard says, "I know you have a small box. What's in the box?"

"Well, you know the sawdust on the floor is swept up and thrown away. W...

My parents are really against my candlemaking habit.

One day, I came home, and saw that they had thrown away all of my parrafinalia.

Little Johnny wanted a red bicycle for Christmas.

He asked his mother, “Can I have a red bicycle for Christmas?”

“No, you’ve been a bad boy all year. Why do you think Santa should get you a red bicycle for Christmas? I want you to go and write a letter to God explaining why you should get a red bicycle for Christmas.”

So Little Johnny...

"Where would I be without my mom?"

Probably, wiped off on a tissue and thrown away

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