He died for our sines

Parent to Teacher: Our Son doesn't need to do math, 'cause he's a prophet! Prophets don't do math! Would you make Jesus do math?"

Teacher: Jesus was a carpenter. He knew his math.

I found out my friend is addicted to math.

I should have known. All the sines were there. He had a hard time functioning, and he would go off on tangents all the time. Such a shame - he was in his prime, his life was on a great vector. He wanted to write the next 'Matrix'. But now, he can't differentiate between what is real and what is imag...

My son used to be horrible at graphing trig functions.

Luckily he's made excellent sines of improvement.

I knew calculus would kill me some day

... I should have seen the warning sines.

How do you know an angle is dead?

When it shows no vital sines

Did you know that pi day is tomorrow?

I didn't, because there have been 0 sines

I just got my math textbook for College Trig, and it’s a little emo

It’s called *I Write Sines Not Trajectories*

Why did the skeptic do poorly in Trigonometry?

He refused to see the sines.

How can you tell if a triangle is dead?

It won't show any sines of life.

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