It's new year, I can officially say that I haven't showered since last year

And a half.

Dad: I haven't showered since last year

Me: You're too early, it's not 2020 yet!

Dad: Does that make a difference?

I haven't taken a bath since last year!

and by tomorrow, it'll be two

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I just pooped for the first time since last year.

Same old shit post.

PSA: This year, lets refrain from the 'I haven't taken a shower since last year!' jokes.

Please and thank you.

“Wow, I haven’t showered since last year!”

“Haha good one, but it’s only New Year’s Eve”

“I know...”

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I haven't seen a joke since last year!

Even Santa can have a bad day.

There he was one Christmas Eve many years ago, he'd had a runner break on the sleigh and had elves working round the clock to fix it; the toy workshop had a hole in the roof and half the year's run of toys were ruined by rainwater; two of the reindeer had colic and he had to drag two elderly ones ou...

Thought of this earlier

About an hour after the news years party we were congregated into groups talking and one guy in our little circle goes “I haven’t showered since last year!” It was too funny not to share with other people.

So when I got the opportunity I walked over to a group of people and said “I haven’t s...

I haven’t made a post


I haven’t eaten a meal

I haven’t seen my friends

I haven’t felt true happiness
SINCE 2012!

This year, my New Years resolution is to finally go to the gym...

... and cancel that membership I’m been wasting money on every month since last year.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Old couple getting frisky

Husband says to wife 'Martha, tomorrow will be our 60th wedding anniversary and my 82nd birthday. We haven't had sex since last year! I need some loving, sugar.'

Martha responds, with a sigh 'Well okay, but no thumb up the butt this time.'

Don frustratingly replies 'Dammit! it's my thu...

Dentist: This will hurt.

Patient: OK.

Dentist: I've been having an affair with your wife since last year.

I'm so damn tired.

I haven't slept since last year.

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