A Jewish girl asks her father for $100 to go shopping.

He says, "Seventy Five dollars? Why would you need Fifty dollars? What are you going to buy with Twenty Five dollars anyway?"

So a guy walks into a bar

He walks up to the bartender and orders ten of the best top shelf whiskey shots the bartender has to offer. The bartender pours the shots and as soon as he sets them down the guy starts slamming them. The bartender say slow down man and the guy says if you had what I have you would be drinking fast ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Old man at the hospital.

An old man comes to the doctor and says:

"I have this whistling sound in my ear after sex!".

The doctor asks: "How old are you?"

"Seventy five"

"Well what do you want?! Applause?!"

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