Me, a religous man, just got coronavirus. I refused to see my friend and his spouse...

Because the Lord says "Thou shalt not Covid thy neighbor's wife."

Someone asked me if i was religous

God no

Out of respect, there will be no jokes about a bag full of Jesus allowed here...

They're sack religous

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

[Long]Another joke from my country

Part 1

There was a guy in a small village called 'Amda' and he had a weird fetish of trying to stick his dick in anyone who bends over infront of him.

People in his village started to avoid him once they got to know this fetish of his and that made Amda desperate to stick his dick in ...

A boy and a girl were in church.

The teacher was asking them questions.
"Who is the central figure of christianity?" She asks. The boy poked the girl with a sharp pencil to be funny.
"Jesus Christ!" The girl yelled.
"Very good. Now who who created life on earth?" She asked.
The boy poked her again.
"God!" The girl ye...

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