My laziness is like the number 8!

Once it lies down, it becomes infinite.

What did the number 0 say to the number 8?

Where did you get that awesome belt?

Number 6 compares himself to number 8.

They're pretty even.

Why is the number 8 the only number that goes to heaven?

When it dies it becomes immortal.


What happened when the number 8 got drunk?

He fell over and had delusions of grandeur.

I have a French friend who is allergic to the number 8.

He's huit intolerant.

Warning - Never push the number 8 over;

The ramifications can go on forever

Boat rental manager over loudspeaker: boat number 81, your two hour rental period is up, please return to the dock.

Boat rental intern to manager: uh, sir, we only have 60 boats.

Boat rental manager over loudspeaker: boat number 18, do you require assistance?

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