Why do Native Americans hate snow?

Because it's white and it settles on their land.

Why do Native Americans hate April?

April showers bring may flowers. And may flowers bring white people

What type of cars do Missionaries think Native Americans drive?


WHY do you NEVER see Native Americans at nice restaurants?

White men took their reservations..

3 Native Americans Americans are living in the wilderness together.

One of them is extremely smart, one is average, and one is extremely stupid. One day, it is the extremely smart one’s turn to catch and cook dinner. He goes out and comes back with a bear. The other two are astounded and ask, “How did you catch this bear?” The extremely smart one replies, “I see tra...

Did all Europeans give Native Americans smallpox on purpose?

Or is that a blanket statement?

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Do Native Americans have big dicks?

Because I heard that redwoods are HUGE!

What did native Americans use to blow their nose?

Their tee-pee

TIL: A thousand years ago, a group of Native Americans tried to cross into Russia from Alaska but failed.

They couldn’t get their Bering Strait.

How did Columbus greet the Native Americans when he first landed in the Americas?

With new diseases.

What's a kinky Native Americans favorite drink?

Tea pee

How Do Native Americans celebrate Columbus Day?

They walk into your house and say "We live here now"

A Native American asked his chief about the coming winter

"How bad will this winter be?" He asked.

"It is good to be prepared. Get some firewood ready" replied the chief.

The chief then called his friend in the national weather service to ask him. " How bad will this winter be?"

The meteorologist said "this will be a pretty cold winter...

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A legend of the Native Americans

While many people know of Sequoya, the Native American genius who developed the Cherokee alphabet, fewer have heard of another visionary – yet he made a discovery no less groundbreaking, owing nothing to the white man’s knowledge.

It fell out like this: In the early 1800s, a certain chief, ...

My dad told me today that we're distantly related to the Fugarwii Tribe of Native Americans.

This tribe was nomadic, and would wander all over the continental US. Unfortunately, as a tribe, they had a terrible sense of direction and would often get horribly lost.
The Fugarwii had scouts who's soul purpose was to remedy this: they would scout about, find the tallest mountain they could, ...

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How Native Americans get there names

One day a little Indian boy went up to his dad who was the chief and asked him how do Indians get there names. His dad looked at him and said "when your brother was born I went out tepee and saw, soaring eagle so I named him Soaring Eagle. When your sister was born I went out tepee and saw raging ri...

Since reddit has been all about native americans lately..

An Indian and a cowboy are walking through the prairie one day.
The Indian stops and puts his ear to the ground and says "ah, buffalo come."
In which the cowboy replies:
"Dang, you can tell that from stickin yer ear to the ground?"
Indian says:
"No. Ear sticky."

Why are native Americans such good strippers?

Every time they dance they make it rain.

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There are more Jews than Native Americans...

I guess genocide is just one more thing Americans are better at than Germans

What do you call several hundred Native Americans without nipples?

The Indian Nippleless 500

Why are Native Americans the best people to take with you to a strip club?

They can literally make it rain.

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