What's Saudi Arabia's most popular sitcom?

How I bought your mother

Who’s the most popular guy in a nudist colony?

The guy who can walk around with a cup off a coffee in each hand and a dozen doughnuts.

What's the most popular band in Chernobyl?

Fall Out Boy

Who are the most popular married couple with their own TV fishing program?

Rod and Annette.

What’s the most popular reality tv show viewed by the crew of Deep Space Nine?

Keeping up with the Cardassians

What is Alabama's most popular video game?

Super Smash Brothers

What summer sport is most popular with fit albinos?

Bleach volleyball.

What virtual private network is most popular in Skyrim?


What is the most popular song in hell?

Burn baby burn, Dantes inferno!

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What’s the most popular porn site in Kentucky?


I hate to brag but my cemetery is the most popular one in my entire county.

People are literally dying to get into it.

What is the most popular tree on YouTube?

A face plant

What's the most popular candy in Rwanda?

Tutsi Roll

What is the most popular type of tree in California?


I made a list of the top 10 most popular wordplay jokes, to see if any of them actually made me laugh

No pun in ten did

What’s the most popular drug with ducks?

Quack cocaine

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What's the most popular movie at a nudist colony?

Free Willy

I'm happy with thinking of this myself.

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What is the most popular form of martial arts in Israel?

Jew - Jitsu

What are the most popular jokes during the pandemic?

Inside jokes.

You know what the least popular are?

Knock Knock jokes.

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How did the stripper know she was the most popular dancer at the club?

She took a poll.

In the late '80s, NBC's most popular sitcom was the Cosby Show, with ALF not far behind. Knowing what we know now, I guess you could call their weekly ratings battle

Alien vs. Predator.

my daughter made this gem up: what is the most popular console with the vikings?

the axe-box

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They say about 70% of people masturbate in the shower and about 30% sing in the shower. Do you know what the most popular song is to sing in the shower?

You don't? Well I guess we know what you've been doing.

What was 2020's most popular board game?


What is the most popular flavour of pizza in the hood during a drive-by?

Peppered homie

I read that the three most popular Halloween costumes this year are clown, pumpkin, and dinosaur.

I'm capitalizing on this trend by selling costumes of Trump.

Scientists have opened a dimensional rift in one of New York's most popular tourist spots.

They're now calling it Times Squared.

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What’s the most popular proverb in Alabama?

Cum is thicker than blood

What's the most popular chili in the Middle East?


What is the most popular game show in Norway?

Family Fjeud

Did you hear about the new website most popular with Alabama THOTs?

Only Fam

What's the most popular dating site in India?

Connect the dots.

What's the most popular red wine??

We want our land back!!

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Which US President was most popular among Spanish porn stars?


What's the most popular sport everywhere except for the US?

Cross country

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What us the most popular dating app in West Virginia?

23 and me

Most Popular Christmas Song 2020

Baby It’s CoVid Outside.

When I showed my friend an insect exhibit, he pointed to the most popular arthropod and asked what kind of bug it was. I had to correct him:

"It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

2020 is the most popular year on the internet.

It went viral.

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What’s the most popular Star Wars action figure in Japan?


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This years most popular handheld device is...

the mobile phone, just beating last years favourite of the penis

A survey just out today shows that the most popular coating for deep-fried food is golden breadcrumbs.

I can't believe it's not batter.

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These days whenever I browse the most popular videos on Pornhub I have to ask myself...

What's this world cumming to?

What's the most popular arcade game in Mexico?

Guac - a - mole

What’s the most popular form of photography in American high schools?

Point and shoot.

What's the H.P. wizarding world's most popular deodorant?


What's the name of the most popular French knight?

Sir Ender.

What was the most popular book store in the Roman Empire?


Who is the most popular band on earth right now?

Widespread Panic.

How did the man become the most popular at the nudist colony?

He caught six doughnuts with no hands.

What are the most popular goods in the underworld?

Under wares

What is the most popular herb in Asia?


How did the dad figure out the most popular country in the world?

He took a flag pole.

What is the most popular snack in Prague?

Czech’s Mix

What's the most popular wine at Christmas?

I don't like brussel sprouts!!!

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What are the two most popular types of tea ?

Booty and Titty .

Why is Easter the most popular Klingon Holiday?

Because it is a good day to dye.

Why are furries not the most popular group of people

Because they like to be the underdog

What is the most popular fruit in China?

Mandarin oranges

What is the most popular movie streaming service in Russia?


What is the most popular purebred dog?

The doughberman.

What’s the most popular sport in Tamriel?


What's the most popular drink ordered at bars?

One more

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A recent study shows that Samsung smartphones are now the most popular hand held device in the world.

For the first time, penis has slipped to Number 2.

You know what the most popular game was in jewish communities back in the 1930's and 40's ?

Hide n' seek

What’s the most popular breakfast in Chernobyl?

Eggs Quarantine

The most popular man in the world

Bill and Ned walk into a fast food joint one afternoon to get lunch. Bill orders and the cashier gives him his meal. Ned goes up to order and the cashier greets him with "Hello Ned! How are you? Hey everybody! Ned's here!" Everybody in the restaurant comes up and says hello to Ned. After everyone ha...

What's the most popular music amongst the elderly?

Hip pop

What's the most popular game in Hawaii right now?

The floor is lava!

What're the most popular cookies in Asgard?


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Statistics show the most popular sex position for married couples is doggie style.

The husband sits up and begs while the wife rolls over and plays dead.

What's the most popular top-level domain in Mordor?


The most popular guy in school weighs over 300 pounds

People naturally gravitate towards him

What's the most popular time to schedule a dentist appointment?

Tooth hurty.

Study finds that the most popular fetish among Millennial is...

Role playing as a couple that owns a house.

Kate Middleton has said if she has a boy she will call him by the most popular British boy's name at the moment.

We look forward to the arrival of baby Mohammed.

What’s the most popular breakfast cereal in Saudi Arabia?

Fruties Pebbled

Most popular joke in my country...

Once there was a very very old man. He died when he was a child.

What's the most popular parallel universe among the Spaniards?

Realm Adrid.

What's the most popular religion for addicts?

the Crystal Methodists

What is the most popular Nirvana song in France?

Crepe me

What is the most popular dating website in the south?


What it the most popular food in the world?

I think it's salt but you should take it with a grain of salt.
-- (Be gentle I made it up...)

Who was the most popular vampiric artist?

Vincent Fang Gogh!

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One of the most popular searches on pornhub is Minecraft porn

I tried searching for that once. Unfortunately, it was blocked.

What’s the most popular band in the world of science?

My Chemical Reaction.

Most popular dog breed in New Mexico?

The Meth Lab.

What operating system is most popular in the Marvel universe?


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Who are the most popular Japanese guys?


A struggling zoo's main attraction, a gorilla, dies during their most popular season.

They can't afford to lose the gorilla so they secretly hire one of the employees to be a gorilla in a suit for an extra $500 a week.

He quickly becomes even more popular than the original gorilla, everyone wants to see the human-like gorilla.

After a few months his popularity begins to...

What is the most popular bank in Wales?

Welsh Fargo...

...gramps made me do it.

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Why is Halloween one of the most popular holidays in West Virginia?

It gives them an opportunity to *pump-kin*.

Comedians of reddit, what's the most popular joke you've ever stolen, but still got away with it?

Whoops, wrong sub

What's the most popular search engine in Israel?

They surf the Net On Yahoo.

Who is the most popular Transformer in America?

Caitlyn Jenner.

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