What do Wattpad and Minute Maid have in common?

Both make lemons, but neither does it well.

(OC) I got a new job at Minute Maid.

I'm working on the Punch line.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why did Hitler buy stock in Minute Maid?

Because they make 100% Concentrated Juice

One day, a shopkeeper put his dumb son incharge of his shop as he had to go out of town .

A customer comes in and asks, "Can I get a Tropicana Orange juice bottle?"

The son searches in the shop for sometime, sways his head and says, "No, we don't have a Tropicana Orange juice bottle."

That night, when the son tells this to his father, he angrily says, "Fool! We had minute m...

What do you call a maid with benefits who doesn't last long?

Minute Maid.

A lemonade was only given 60 seconds to clean her house

She hired a minute maid

Wife:Do you need anything at the grocery store?

Me: pick up 30 bottles of minute maid

Wife: why so many?

Me: didn't you hear the news? O.J. is free!

A Maid Knocks On Her Master's Door

A Maid Knocks On Her Master's Door

Her master is busy talking on the phone

She asks, "Sir would you like some juice?"

He Replies "Give Me A Minute Maid"

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