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Me and my friend getting high in my room. Friend: Did you know that your cum holds 1.5 TB of data per ejaculation?

Me: That's how I DDoS your mum bruh.

Why is getting high in Netherlands is allowed ?

So that they can be level with rest of the world.

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What do you call someone that likes getting high and having their buttons pushed? elevator.

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A very religious man had been getting high phone bills for a while

One month his bill was 2 times his normal amount.

The next, it was 3x

On the fourth month, he got home to an unusual scenery: his parrot was on the phone talking about sex with someone.

The man becomes livid with the situation, and checks the bills only to find out that his pa...

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What song do prostitutes sing while getting high?

High Hoe!! High Hoe!! It’s off to work I go.

I saw a news story about teens getting high while washing in the shower...

They said it was leading to harder drug use and a real slippery soap.

Kids are getting high on Imodium now?

I don't think the juice is worth the squeeze!

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I was at a party the other day where everyone was getting high on laxatives and almonds

Shit got nuts real quick

My dad confiscated my weed so I stole his flight ticket,

neither of us is getting high today

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A Soda Called Sup

Back in the 80's, the Coca-Cola company sold Sup, a combination of Sprite, 7 Up, and a secret ingredient that was never revealed. It was a beloved beverage that was unfortunately discontinued within a couple months and without any intention of going back on store shelves. People started buying Sup l...

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