What's a chiropractor's favorite food?

Baby crack ribs.

What is Gollum's favorite food?

Hot Pocketses

My girlfriend hates it when I don't eat her favorite food...

... and she always gets Jellos.

Whats a pacifist favorite food?


What is an Eastern European’s favorite food?


My least favorite food?

Sausage, specifically from Germany.

They're the wurst.

What's an Irish Italian man's favorite food.

Gaelic knots!

What is Batman’s least favorite food?

A: Chinese takeout

What is a bus’s favorite food?


(Joke created by my 6 year old)

What is the trigonometry teacher’s favorite food?

COS Law!

What is a polar bear's favorite food? (Multi-questioned)


-What is a black bear's favorite food?


-What is a grizzly bear's favorite food?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is a prostitute’s favorite food?

Brothel sprouts.

What is a dog’s favorite food?


from my very proud 5yo

What’s a Redditors favorite food?


What is a nuclear physicists favorite food?


What is a dyslexic's favorite food group?

I'm not certain, but they seem to write to "Dear Dairy" quite a bit...

What is the favorite food of the cannibal who only ate scientists?

Marie Curry

What is a dog catcher's favorite food?

Pound cake.

P.S. (I thought of this one on my own so hopefully it's original. My daughter liked it anyway so I guess that's all that matters!)

What is a mute person's favorite food?

A shushkebab.

Whats Jar Jar Bink's favorite food?

Miso Soup

Why is cereal Thanos’s favorite food?

Because it’s part of a balanced breakfast!

What’s a math teacher’s favorite food?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is a chronic masturbator’s favorite food?


What's Lady Gaga's favorite food?

Sushi because they serve it raw, raw, raw\-raw\-raw!

(sorry I just saw the guy get to the front page with his stoned asparagus joke, so I wanted to try mine).

What is an epileptics favorite food?

Seizure Salad

What's a mumble rappers favorite food?

Skrrt Steak!

What was the prisoner's favorite food?

Lamb shank

What is a neckbeard's favorite food?

(tips fedora)

What is a stoner’s favorite food?

Hash browns.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Internet’s Least-Favorite Food

What’s the Internet’s least-favorite food?

A shit pie.

What is a vampires least favorite food?


...I'll see myself out now.

What is a proletariat cannibal's favorite food?

A double cheese bourger.

What is a Mexican astronomer's favorite food?

A Quasar-dilla.

What is a teddy bears favorite food...


What is a European dragon’s favorite food?

Swiss charred.

What's R Kelly's favorite food?

Chick Peas

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What is a tampon's favorite food?

Scrambled egg

Joke my little brother made up

What is a dead man's favorite food? Biscuits and gravy.

A Jewish man on his deathbed is talking to his daughter.

The man smells noodle kugel (a traditional Jewish food) coming from the kitchen downstairs and reminds his daughter that it’s his favorite food. He asks her to go get him some for his last meal- he knows he will die very soon. The man’s daughter goes downstairs, and comes back with no kugel. The man...

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