What is a dwarf's favorite dessert?


What's a carpenter's favorite dessert flavor?

Plumb Jamb

What is a shoe repairman's favorite dessert?


What is a heavy metal musician's favorite dessert?

Ice cream!

What's Darth Vader's favorite dessert?

Only one cannoli

What are Jehovah Witnesses' favorite dessert?

Hostess Ding Dongs!

What’s a cannibals favorite dessert?

A danish...

My grandma made me my favorite dessert, strudel.

Unfortunately I couldn't eat it since it was stollen.

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What is a sex addict’s favorite dessert?

Pound cake

What is a white knight's favorite dessert?


What’s Darth Vader’s favorite dessert?



What is Donald Trump's favorite dessert?

Vladimir Pudding ;)

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What is a Hawaiian sex act, and coincidentally, my favorite dessert?

Coconut cream pie

What is Ben Sharpiro's favorite dessert?


What was Prince’s favorite dessert?

Raspberry Sorbet

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What's Ajit Pai's Favorite Dessert?

A Shit Pie

What's a grammar teacher's favorite dessert?


What is the KKK's favorite dessert?

A Klandike bar

What's Bill Gates's favorite dessert

apple turnover

What's a divorce attorney's favorite dessert?

Wedding cake

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A trucker is driving down a random stretch of highway

He happens upon a billboard while driving that reads...

Peaches, engineered for your taste!
Only 10 miles!

Mildly intrigued, the driver decides to check out what this means. "Engineered for my tastes, what bullshit!", he says.

Driving for the next couple miles, he final...

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