Say what you want about deaf kids...

They won’t hear.

People used to say to the deaf kid he couldn't do anything in life.

But he didn't listen.

did yall hear what happened to the deaf kid?

nope, neither did he

If a deaf kid swears in sign language,

does his mom wash his hands with soap?

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A partially deaf kid and his mum

So, it’s a Saturday morning and this partially deaf kids mum asks him to go to the shops to pick up a some bread and a new clock and then he can stop by the stadium to pick up a football ticket for tomorrow’s game.

So off the kid heads to the bakery and being partially deaf he asks the baker ...

What does a deaf kid missing 3 fingers do?


All good teams require good communication...

So why in the hell do we keep losing to the school for deaf kids!?!?

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