This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My friend took me to an airshow as he is a geek in aviation history and knew every aircraft from their engine noise as they flew by.

I,on the other hand, have no knowledge of airplanes.
As the show went on, he grew visibly frustrated because he noticed that I was on my phone the whole time shitposting on Reddit.

He said it was a waste of time me being there but somehow I apparently redeemed my self and put a big smile ...

A man and his wife attends an airshow

The man sees a small aeroplane with an open roof and beautiful aesthetics. On a sign beside the plane wrote "100 dollars for a flight per person" The man asked his wife "can we take a flight? It is my dream to take a flight in this beautiful plane." His wife said "No, 200 dollars is too much money"<...

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