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One day a man wakes up and finds out he has 3 balls

He decides to go see a doctor but was a little embarrassed to address his problem so he says...

MAN: Hey Doc, between you and me we have 5 balls.

The doctor, extremely baffled by this jumps off his chair and says...

DOC: WHATTTT ?!!?!! You have no balls?

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What do you call an alien with 3 balls?

E.T the Extra testicle

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The man who had 3 balls

This guy was born with 3 balls and when he got older, he started worrying about it. So he goes to the doctor.
‘Doc, I’ve got 3 balls. Am I abnormal?’
The doctor examined the guy’s sack. Ran a few tests.
‘Mate, you’re perfectly healthy and your balls are fine. Look at this’re proba...

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My friend who used to live in russia became a father today. His son had a mutation of a sort that made him have 3 balls instead of 2.

I immediately saw the opportunity and replied to him "chernoballs" .......he hates me now
Jason im sorry if u read this

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A man with 3 balls

A man with 3 balls visits a doctor to talk about his situation. But when the time comes, he is embarassed to talk about it. So he says, "Hey doctor. Between the 2 of us, there are five testicles in the room." Hearing this the doctor faints out of shock.
When he comes to his senses the man asked ...

What do you do when you're facing a Rhino with 3 balls?

Walk him and pitch to the Hippo.

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So a guy woke up with 3 balls one morning...

and he went to see the doctor. But then he was too embarrassed to tell the doctor directly so he was like "hey doctor, me and you together, we have 5 balls." and the doctor was like... "WHAT?! you have 4 BALLS?!"

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